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Sněmovní náměstí 1/2, 767 01 Kroměříž
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Picture Gallery Archbishops' Castle in Kromeriz

Collection of paintings preserved in the halls of the archbishop's palace in Kromeriz closely related to the collecting activities of the Olomouc bishops and archbishops. For more than half a millennium, they managed to amass a collection that ranks among the largest in Central Europe, and whose most valuable artifacts are exhibited in the Castle Gallery. From ancient portrait busts, mysterious medieval master Kromerizs Marian altar over dimensional wood panels by Lucas Cranach the Elder., Sprightly double portrait of Hans von Aachen, Holy Family Frans Floris, or Peasant brawl Jan Brueghel ST. the true jewels of the collection, a portrait of the English King Charles I and his wife Henrietta Maria a portrait of a man with gloves by Antonis van Dyck, Apollo svlékajícím of skin satyr Marsyas by Titian Vecellio, Paolo Veronese eleven apostles and David over Goliath rozjímajícím head Artemisia Gentileschi. The tour concludes in the Baroque St. expressive. Jerome Johanna Lisse and similarly urgent series of paintings by Johann Heinrich Schönfeld. Artistic experience deepens authentic baroque castle, good lighting and text accompanying the images. Part of the gallery space is also called the gallery, designed for short-term seasonal exhibitions.

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Sněmovní náměstí 1/2, 767 01 Kroměříž