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How did it happen that Torvald Helmer's wife left.

Henrik Ibsen
Reduta Theatre, Theatre Hall - Vegetable Market 4

Admission: 132-258 CZK

Author: Henrik Ibsen
Translation: František Fröhlich
Director: Rastislav Ballek
Scene: Stefan Milkov
costumes: Katarina Kováčiková
Cast October 30, 2014 19:00
Nora Helmerová Eva
Torvald Helmer Petr Halberstadt

The child's voice: Anna Mitana

What happened when Torvald Helmer's wife left.

Nora and Torvald Helmer preparing to wonder: After years of hardship he turned to them luck. He feels deserved satisfaction. They come Christmas ...

Ibsen's drama in the Czech language was first introduced by actor Paul Švandy Semčice of the Provisional Theatre in Brno in 1887, under the name of Christmas. Since then there have been many interpretations by the twists and turns of how fundamentally changed the view of the status of women in marriage, family, society. At the same time, however, the story of a fatal misunderstanding between husband and wife who make a joint family, Project inhabit a common future and common household without being noticed, they live in their own different worlds, lost none of its original irritation. Still can unexpectedly strike like lightning to the audience in the stands, waiting along with the protagonist of a miracle fulfillment of family happiness, love and understanding.

Reduta ceremonial first production as we intend to intimate, yet intense concert two leading actors, drama NDB Eva Novotna and Petr Halberstadt under strong directorial baton of Rastislav Ballek.


Running time: 90 minutes without intermission

Photos by KIVA

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