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October 11, 2014

INPUT: 150 - / 190 in place, -
START: 20:00

On Saturday, 10.11 zasquatují Fleda Brno is flat, dull guitar. INSANIA returns to the scene: Last fall, the album introduced the world to "Light house down a tree ...", for which this year garnered two angel casts categories hard'n'heavy a hardcore & punk.

The circle closes where it began and Fléda will re-air spray venom and sarcasm. "This is not a song, it is our armor, the concert is a regular fight!"
As a guest you invited this time INSANIA Prague ATARI TERROR, black crossover troupe, whose concerts are pumped energy, and that can destroy live stage. The portal has Bandzone INSANIA most common set of fans with ATARI TERROR, so Fléda expected unique synthesis of hell, after which no one leaves disappointed J.
Throughout these celebrations corruption starts Brno Pangram, great nu-metal firing pin piece with a long tradition, which draws on the best that can be modern guitar music hard to find.

The clip The Divine Comedy:

Atari Terror:
Clip Stuck To The Tit: Ter-

This event is organized LEVEL B PRODUCTION, Ltd.