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Gala Evening of the Michal Ranný

Announcement of the Michal Ranny 2014

Date and time
     30/10/2014 19:00
     350/200 CZK
     Museum of Applied Arts
Type of Action

Moravian Gallery in Brno and the Friends of the Moravian Gallery invite you to a gala evening, featuring award ceremony Michael Ranny. Laureate of this year's 8th grade became Stratil, unmistakable personality of Czech art scene and a teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. This award is given to outstanding personalities in the field of fine arts. One of the criteria for the selection of the laureate is also his influence on the younger generation. Laureates are always presented in the Moravian Gallery exhibition, accompanied by an extensive catalog.

The grand event will take place on Thursday 30th 10th 2014 from 19 hours in areas of exclusive Museum of Applied Arts (Hus 18, Brno). The evening will be accompanied by Ester Geislerová and Johana Švarcová. Galavečer named after Stratilova image Bol som famous. So feel free to come and participate in this glory!

Advance ticket sales - Thursday 16/10 2014 MG box office! The sale exclusively only 50 tickets seating for 350 CZK and 50 tickets to "perch" for 200 CZK

Philosophy price:

     Award Michael Ranny announced every two years, the Friends of MG and the Moravian Gallery in Brno to highlight the work of significant artistic figures whose work and thinking significantly affects the emerging generation of artists.

Personality Michael Ranny:

     Early Michal (1946, Brno-1981 Praha), whose memory is the price paid was essential personalities of Czech modern paintings and a leading representative of lyrical abstraction. The painter, whose work with natural motivymísí with existential overtones, left despite his young age (Ranny died at only 35 years) and a strong track influenced many other artists.

Price history:

     Price, awarded for individual contributions to the field of fine arts, is written from 1999 and is intended Czech visual artists of all ages and nationalities. The award decided by a seven-member jury, whose two members appointed by the Board from among experts in the field of fine arts, four members appointed by the Director MG, which is in its function as always, its other member.

Laureates Michael Ranny:

     Dalibor Chatrný
     Miroslav Snajdr
     Stanislav Kolíbal
     Jiří Kovanda,
     Vladimír Skrepl
     Milena Dopitová
     Daniel Balaban