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Jules and Jim
When two men love the same woman ...

H. P. Roché
Reduta Theatre, Theatre Hall - Vegetable Market 4

Tickets: 280 CZK

Gentle love story whose protagonists are two friends who fall in love with one woman. Dilke without cumbersome psychological analysis, with typically French esprit discusses the question of friendship, love and the problem, if women can love two men linked bond of friendship and vice versa. The novel became a model already famous film F. Truffaut in 1962 and belongs to the golden fund of world cinema.

For the first time in the modern history of the Theatre Reduta settle the audience directly onto the stage, creating a unique opportunity to watch the actors up close, or even involved in the plot. Jiří book and Michal Dalecký, masters of improvisation, promise geyser of ideas, unprecedented situations and humor.

Running time: 1 hour and 35 minutes without intermission

Director: Anna Petrželková
dramaturg: Dora Viceníková
dramatization: Dora Viceníková
Scene: Zuzana Štefunková-Rusínová
costumes: Zuzana Štefunková-Rusínová
Music: Mario Buzzi
Author: Henri-Pierre Roché