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The deep

Painting exhibition at academic weeks in the Holy Kopečku during the 1938-1940 period

2nd 10th 2014 - 11th 1st 2015

The Museum of Modern Art

Salon, Cabinet

In the thirties of the 20th century, Prague was founded in the Catholic tradition to hold an academic environment called. Academic weeks. The first event, as well as the next several years, was directed by brothers Dominicans (especially P. Methodius Habana OP) Brevnov The focus in 1933 about a week program were spiritually oriented discussions, meetings, screenings and lectures from many different areas of the United Christian factions . Prague Academic weeks, also attended Moravian young Catholic intellectuals and a few of them thought the time ripe to hold such an event also in the home. And so in the first week of August 1936 was held at St.. Kopeček first academic year of Moravian weeks with a very varied and interesting program. Three years of this event in the years 1938-1940 were enriched by exhibitions of contemporary young Christian art, the first of which was accompanied by a modest two catalogs a list of exhibited works by the participating artists - Adalbert Berky, Vaclav Bostik, Rudolf Love, Stanislava Mensik, and Joseph Rudolph Michalika Pride . The third exhibition was then given the events of the war in reduced form only in the presence Adalbert Berky, Vaclav Bostik, Stanislava Mensik and newly Francis Council. Reconstruction of these exhibitions, which Olomouc Museum of Art featured in the exhibition project out into the deep! called by the title of the Dominican spiritual revue published in Olomouc in the years 1926-1948, is very unique and authentic insight into the spiritually oriented artistic life at the end of the First Republic.