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Royal Opera House London - The Winter's Tale

Recording performances from the Royal Opera House in London. A co-production of the Royal Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada. Estimated time: 130 minutes.

Music: John Talbot (in cooperation with Chester Music Ltd.)
Choreography: Christopher Wheeldon
Conductor: David Briskin

Leon Edward Watson
Hermione: Lauren Cuthbertson
Perdita: Sarah Lamb
Florizel: Steven McRae
Paulina: Zenaida Yanowsky
Polixenes: Federico Bonelli

Christopher Wheeldon already in an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland revealed for what it is meant ballet scene of the 21st century. Perfect synthesis of dance and musical numbers, bewitching voyage and technical finesse of light and shadow raised immortal literary gem in mrákotných stage heights of imagination. Now faced equally challenging. Convert Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale to a new full-length ballet opus in professional circles as it seemed too bold creative vision. Wheeldon surrounded by identical creative team composed composer Joby Talbot and set designer Bob Crowley, however, clearly proved: first criticism of the world's leading journals lavish words of praise.