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My life reporter - Josef Klima

Estimated length of performance is 90 minutes.

Josef Klima was born March 19, 1951 and is one of the most famous Czech reporters. He co-founded the weekly Reflex, where in 1990-1992 he held the position šéfreportéra. Most famous as a reporter for the show with their own eyes, where he worked for fifteen years, throughout its existence. At present, it can be seen especially in Prima TV show called Private dramas, which prepares together with Janek Kroupa. He is the author of many books (such as Passion, brutality, slave ship) and television scripts (Wool, Expozitura, Aliens and hunters or you're dead, so do not cry).

A well-known journalist and writer Josef Klima tells the behind the scenes reports that filming for television. About how he had to have bodyguards and security guards with what life is, when they tried to intimidate - but i censor how to collect ideas on how to meditate in a Buddhist monastery as well as their experiences with different directors, who had filmed his books and screenplays for feature films. Half of the meetings is devoted to the questions of viewers and additionally plays the piano and sings his songs, which normally performs with the band. Part of the discussions is signing his last two books: The lawyer and his master and your own eyes. At that time, the market and other book thriller Death by druids.