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MET LIVE - Mascagni, Leoncavallo - Cavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci

Pietro Mascagni / Ruggero Leoncavallo: Cavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci (Cavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci). Conducts: Fabio Luisi. Starring: Eva-Maria Westbroek, MarceloÁlvarez, Željko Lučić / Patricia Racetech, Marcelo Álvarez, George Gagnidze. Preliminary transmission length: 3 hours 30 minutes.

After 45 years, indicating the new Metropolitan Opera production of the popular veristic dvojprogramu directed by Sir David McVicar. Home tenor role of both works, seducer Turiddu and Canio the clown, the Met for the first time is played by Marcelo Álvarez. Eva-Maria Westbroek will Cavalleria rusticana disappointed sing Santuzza and Alfio Željko Lučić kavalírského. In Comedians perform in the role Caniovy unfaithful wife Nedda soprano Patricia racet and together with her Gagnidze George, who is played by Tonia Met for the first time. Both works will be conducted by Fabio Luisi.