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Raw story about the madness of passion.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)
Mahen Theatre - Malinovského us. 1

Admission: 135-360 CZK

Author: William Shakespeare
Translation: George Josek, Lubomir Feldek
Director: Rastislav Ballek
editor: Martin Kubran
Scene: Jozef Ciller
costumes: Katarina Holková
Music: Dano Heriban

One of the highlights of the season in the Mahen drama undoubtedly will be a new production of Shakespeare's tragedy Othello, timeless drama about love, jealousy and betrayal that does not lose its topicality in no time. Mahen Theatre has embarked on a bold mission - the title role entrusted to the legend of contemporary Slovak stages Robert Roth, who will recite Shakespeare's verses in his native language.

Director Rastislav Ballek that production at the Mahen Theatre in preparation at the National Theatre Brno introduced back in 2006, good staging chamber drama The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant and in November last year, said Reduta its unconventional staging of Ibsen's Nora arranged for just two actors. Less than three months Ballek in Ostrava National Moravian-Silesian Theatre staged the work of other famous Shakespeare Macbeth. He regularly works such as the Slovak National Theatre and Arena Theatre in Bratislava.

Jozef Ciller scenography and costumes Catherine Holkov combine traditional elements with modern Shakespearean world. Almost empty scene utilizes the principles that worked so well in the Renaissance theater - the viewer's imagination, verbal descriptions of the places and the like - on the contrary costumes based on the garb of members of today's armies. Modern tone also contribute video. The audience, however, need not fear that the scenography of contemporary Shakespearean ghost disappeared. On the other hand, Shakespeare's original ideas are not lost under layers of artificial acting robes and ancient items, but naturally emerges into the light.