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WOHNOUT baked Laskonky and cream horns in Vsetin

Prague punk-rock band Wohnout off on an autumn tour called Laskonky and cream horns, which starts on October 31 with a concert in Vsetin, which will take place from 19.00 hours in the great hall of the house of culture.

Music set of beautiful, witty, young, wealthy and intelligent men, who says Wohnout, gives the eighth row plate with the equally intelligent and witty name. "Laskonky and cream horns" are plate, which is not quite as sweet as its name says, but it is not unpleasant, sour, bitter or foul. It's just the way it should be.

The band consists of the brothers John and Matthias Homolových (guitar and vocals), bassist and drummer George Zemanek Zdeněk (girls) Steiner.

Do not miss more than a half hour-long marathon of freshly baked songs, but also songs with older production date.

Ticket sale takes place from 29 September at the cinema Vatra.

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