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Fans of traditional jazz fans will have Oct. 18 tryst I Vsetín Dome culture, such as KDE held for the first twenty-year Vsetin y Jazz Festival headliner chodur Martin and his band.

History of the festival itself began in 1993 with the time of each festival has become one of the most important cultural event, I Vsetin. Every year takes place in mid-October. Listeners about yourself are high-class jazz band from the Czech Republic, beer among the guests themselves replaced by a number of renowned jazz musicians from all over Europe and even the United States.

The festival was initiated after two decades great baritone saxophonist, member of the Gustav Brom Orchestra - Josef AUDES, who had close ties to Wallachia, as African Grey to members of the local jazz bands Jazzevčik.

Starting with this year's organizing themselves after twenty years of work effort Vsetínské jazz lovers of the genre fully grasp the House of Culture Vsetín, which resulted in minor adjustments Vsetínský The name of the event changed jazz festival promotional materials associated with Tim.

Program the twenty-first grade starts at 18:00 am Vsetin foyer of the House of Culture and Doris band rocked Bastards, who in the course of the evening will play twice. Sister Doris pair Sophie Lamošovy its spontaneity neřízeností wearing a hint of theatricality deducted listener. The first performer on stage I'm a big sale will be from 18.30 hours local Wallachian Deep'm'ocean jazz band playing I Ingredients: José De La Hoz (guitar), Peter Nohavica (drums) and Martin Gerla (bass).

Vsetin audience themselves for the first time will also feature singer Hana Robinson wearing his trio OD 19.45 hours, which is known for working with Michal Horacek Netaji wearing their warm relationship to Wallachia.

After a period of time without sending Stages Back sounding another special guest will foyer of the House of Culture belong OPET band Doris and rocked Bastards.

At 21.15 hours will host the Festival Main Vocalist Martin Chodúr se his band, which on its own genre combining elements of jazz, pop, chanson. Public awareness Sirsi wearing this young singer from Ostrava came in 2009 when he won the competition Czech Slovak Superstar.

Cely Jazz Festival 22.45 hours I conclude international guests, outstanding saxophonist Z New York, Marc Bernstein. For his music is characterized by spontaneity, melody firm rootedness in Jewish tradition. The quartet, sp which in itself presents I Ingredients: Vit Křišťan (CZ) - piano, Rastislav Uhrík (SK) - bass, Niclas Campagnol (Italy) - drums, will interpret his compositions Across Alba, who recently released.

Advance sale of tickets by September 29 in Vatra kine.