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The Miser

Miser Harpagon nobody likes. But that Molière all love.

Moliere (1622-1673)

Mahen Theatre - Malinovského us. 1

Admission: 150-357 CZK

Author: Molière
Translation: Vladimir Mikes
editor: Martin Kubran
Director: Victoria Čermáková
Scene: Jan Stepanek
Costumes: Andrea Králová
Music: Petr Kofroň

Harpagon Scrooge would sacrifice everything for money, even happiness own daughters. This is perhaps the most famous French comedy with great acting opportunities. Harpagon restricts their children and intrigues with their lives, while forcing them into advantageous marriages. For the son chose a rich widow, even though she loves beautiful, young Marian, which can but i think Harpagon himself. To the contrary, the daughter of a wealthy old man found. The madness it brings loss of gold ducats, which he takes servant, to assist Kleantovi, his son.

Harpagon frantically searches and suspects everyone around you. After revealing the deceit in exchange for the money pays Mariana Islands. Finally, consents to the marriage of their children with partners that they have chosen themselves, but only after he learns of their wealthy family background. Especially the fact convinces him that he will not marry any state.

"Zdeněk Dvořák Harpagon plays with great energy, but also with an eye for the selected overhead poetics. Their colleagues do not want to play, but he stresses the only consistently stylized outputs comically nahastrošeného dandy, which is perverse delight in its own weaknesses. One of his environment exercise to help him build especially leaders Harpagonových two children Eva and Jakub Safranek. "