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Maria di Rohan
A woman between two men ...

Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)
Janáček Theatre - Roosevelt 1-7

Admission: 177-447 CZK

Author: Gaetano Donizetti
libretto by Salvatore Cammarano
conductor: Ondrej Olos
Directed by: Barbara Klimo
assistant director: Linda Keprtová
Scene: Veronika Stemberger
costumes: Veronika Stemberger
chorus master: Pavel Koňárek
Assistant conductor: Robert Kružík
assistant director: Barbora Hamalová
dramaturg: Tomas Pilar, Pavel Petráněk
Music arrangement: Ondrej Olos

Conductor Performance: Robert Kružík

Chorus and Orchestra of Janacek's opera NDB

Premiere: 31st 1st 2014, Janáček Theatre

One of the last of Donizetti operas at the same time one of his most mature works. The intriguing story takes us to France during the reign of Louis XIII., Where we witnessed a tragic ending amorous adventures of the heroine ... Five years after its premiere in Vienna (1843), the opera was first staged in our country just in Brno - Brno and at this stage the dramaturgical delicacy and returns after almost 140 years since the last productions! It is an opera with high demands on the singers, all arias are masterful examples of bel canto and require real virtuosity. Brno National Theatre to these challenges may venture, because for the title role gained phenomenal coloratura soprano, one of the most popular singers in Donizetti's operas ĽUBICA Vargicová. The author directorial concept Barbara Klimo perceives Maria di Rohan as well as initiatory tale metaphor: "I would describe the principle of chaos and order in fairy tales. In fairy tales begin with the characters stand out in principle correct, but later, when they get to the forest, mature based on chaos. A figure of Marie just behaves as a juvenile, because only arrived at the end, in the woods. "