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Björk: Biophilia Live

Recording of the concert. Directed by: Nick Fenton, Peter Strickland. Starring: Björk.

Dear viewers, in cooperation with Aerofilms we bring you the long-awaited concert film Icelandic singer Björk, you know, for example, from Trier 's musical dance film Dancer in the Dark.

Unique slide Björk: Biophilia Live is a concert recording that captures one part of a multi-genre multimedia project Biophilia, the Icelandic singer Björk.

The focus of the show is a live performance of songs from the album Biophilia. In addition to Björk and her backing band in the image, we can admire the angelic Icelandic choir and also a number of unusual musical instruments - electronic, traditional and completely unclassifiable. The film magazine Variety described the film as "breathtaking record unmistakable artist at the peak of her powers." Hollywood Reporter The image refers to as "a peculiar imaginative work". The resulting image stunningly illustrated songs and concepts Biophilia project, but also other classic songs from the past unparalleled career Björk.