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Closing of the exhibition season in the birthplace of Josef Hoffmann

Visit the birthplace of Josef Hoffmann, guided tour of the exhibition Josef Hoffmann: Inspiration and exhibitions Collegiality and controversy. Josef Hoffmann and Moravian modernist architects of the Wagner school in Vienna.

Lecture by prof. She chose Henry (University of Applied Arts in Prague): Leopold Bauer: heretic Modern Architecture (14 h).

Take the opportunity to visit on this occasion also for the old Den Brtnici: throughout the day at various locations in ongoing craft and farmers markets, shops, sightseeing, falconer, music and much more. The event was held in collaboration with the Friends of MG, Wien MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied / Contemporary Art and the City Brtnice.

Package Deal:

     At 12 h bus departs from UMPRUM (Brno, Hus 14) in Brtnice, departure back to Brno in 18 h.
     Bus transport 50 Price CZK.
     Admission to the exhibition and the lecture for free.
     Registration and payment at checkout Pražákova Palace, Hus 18th
     More information on 532 169 111,

28/09/2014 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., birthplace of Josef Hoffmann Brtnici, Freedom Square 263, 588 32, Brtnice