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Aye but wily servant!

Moliere (1622-1673)
Mahen Theatre - Malinovského us. 1

Tickets: 150-384 CZK

Director: Emil Horváth
Translation: George pupil
editor: Martin Dohnal
Scene: Peter Čanecký
Costumes: Peter Čanecký
Music: Peter Mankovecký
Choreographer: Juraj Letenay
Author: Molière

Musicians: Fig Martin, Leoš Cuba, Catherine Prudilová, Dušan Zemanek, Petr Šupler

After school and women Meanies offers drama NDB more famous Molière's comedy, whose theme is taken from the author Terentiovy comedy Formio. Two middle-class sons, Oktavius (son Arganta) and Leandro (son geronts), with the help of cunning Scapin vytrestají his close-fisted and old-fashioned father. When fathers leave somewhere, you guys can arrange your life by, Oktavius marries a girl hyacinth, which does not give a hoot and do not know whose it is. Laendr wants to marry a gypsy Zerbinetta. Fathers returns are horrified and want to cancel everything.

That servant Scapin promises to help the young and their mischievous pieces after the Italian manner, fraud and lying "Old Man" has to be the sons of the will. Nothing not impede large wedding party. The game has gained a highly visible place in the comedy repertoire of world theater. The game is set to be staged in Brno significant Slovak actor and equally great director Emil Horváth ml., Whose outstanding productions of Golden boys (... Come!) At the Brno audience had phenomenal success.

Premiere 24th 6th 2011 at the Mahen Theatre