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cabaret Kafka
Caught dad Kafka, caught mom, too, seized all children. Kafka not miss!

Dora Viceníková, Daniel Špinar
Reduta Theatre, Theatre Hall - Vegetable Market 4

Tickets: 147-273 CZK

List of performance:

     Directed by: Daniel Špinar
     dramaturg: Dora Viceníková
     Scene: Henrich Boráros
     Costumes: Linda Boráros
     Author: Franz Kafka, Daniel Špinar, Dora Viceníková

Cast September 11, 2014 19:00
     George Vyorálek, Vladimír Marek, Martin Straw, Michal Dalecký, Jiří book

Kafka's literary work contains short prose stories, of the number of fragments, three unfinished novels, diaries and correspondence. Only a minor part of his work took on Kafka grace and gave consent to his extradition for his life. Before his death, many manuscripts burned everything that was in his hand, commanded to be destroyed. The posthumous publication of his works took care of Kafka's friend Max Brod. For his main task in life considered writing is a difficult featured in compliance with the work in the insurance office, which faithfully executed. Writing was on Kafka's maximalism struggle for the highest goals, struggles with the impossibility. From Kafka's continual dissatisfaction with almost everything you wrote, hence the amount of short and longer starts, which never nenavázal, hence so many fragments of his work. Writing was for him salvation and damnation, serving the devil, send and anguish, joy and despair obstacle on the way of life and a refuge in time of despair and defeat.

Cabaret processes Kafka Kafka's famous letter - Letter to His Father, which opens intimate themes and names his attitude to life.

Running time: 1 hour and 10 minutes without intermission