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Michael Doleželová & Roman Vencl
We find the Lost
Kujme scheming while they're hot

Mrs. Vilma whole lives a quiet life; working in Olomouc forwarding companies Venelík Transport, has three years to retirement and marriage to Richard, who plays second violin in the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, is satisfied. But one day her world turns upside down. Or was it upside down, and she did not see it?

If you were given a second chance, would change anything? It is just such a life, what we make it, or there is fate, coincidence and blondes? In the author's new comedy Michaela Dolezelova and Romana Vencl experience the familiar and unexpected situations and find that truth is never black and white that you can not run away from her.

Running time: 2 hr. 20 min., 1 break

Directed by: Roman Vencl & Michaela Doleželová

Scene: Lucie Labajová

Costumes: Hana Knotková

Dramaturgy: Markéta Machačíková

Music collaboration: Filip Tailor

Stage manager: Ilona Blahova

Help: Vera Šindlářová


Mrs. Vilma: Vlasta Hartlová
Richard, her husband Jaroslav Krejci
Andrea (Andy): Vendula Purple
Ing. Venelík, boss: Václav Bahník
Irena Rácová, his deputy: Nadezhda Chroboková-Tomicová
Oliver, team leader: Tomas Krejci
Danica: Lenka Kočišová
Mr. Dobbin, IT expert: George Nebenführ
Barmaid: Ivana Plíhalová
Swing 1: Petr Kubes
Swing 2: Vladimir Včelná
Swing 3: Vojtěch Lipina
Girls for all: Ilona Blahova / Vera Šindlářová