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O participating in the November finale MUZIKOMATu is already decided!
The last day of August was completed on-line fan voting for competing bands cross-border project MUZIKOMATu. In the November tournament final transmission of the following musical formation, from which the expert panel on November 9 Vsetin selected Czech and Slovak champion.

Contestants band of cross-border cooperation between the House of Culture in Vsetin and Puchov had over the summer months the opportunity to present the framework of exchange open air concerts Vsetínska and Púchov's public.

Both houses of culture, each involved in the cross-border cooperation, trying to map out the musical potential in both border regions and thus contribute to improving the cultural life of the population of both regions. The main goal of their efforts is mutual support and assistance to non-professional music groups and individual musicians, give them space to be visible, to start their music career.

After the thrown glove did not hesitate to reach a total of fifteen young music bands from different parts of the Czech and Slovak Republic, presenting the music across genres.
The competition takes place in two rounds. In the first round decide the fate of the bands on-line voices of fans that during the months of July and August handed in directly to the website MUZIKOMATu. Based on the results of the vote already known "TOP 6" the most successful artists (three of three from the Czech Republic and Slovakia), who will attend November's big finale, where the total Czech and Slovak winner is chosen by a professional jury.

Czech dominated the ranking five-member rock band Throw Indicator of Lhota Franco followed the town up to the band Shape the cat, claiming to indie-rock. Prague Czech trio concludes melodymetalová band Anacreon.
One of the biggest bands Slovak fans enjoyed the favor of the band Ugandan bats of Belus, playing alternative rock, then pop-rock six-member crew of musicians Dard and punk-rockers Preničzanič of Púchova. Advancing bands congratulations and thank others for their participation in the competition!

The other two public concerts of bands MUZIKOMAT project will take place on September 5 from 17.30 hours in Vsetin on the Lower Square and 18th September from 18.00 hours in the pedestrian zone in Puchov.
The project is implemented with the support of the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund - Together Without Borders, fund micro-projects and the White Carpathians Region - Manager of the Fund.

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