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Revival (summer theater)
Comedy / Musical

Czech 2013
from 12 years | 111 min. | Czech amended

directed by Alice Nellis
Starring Bolek Polivka, Croat Miroslav, Karel Chamomile, Marián Geisberg, Genevieve Boková ...
Croat, Polivka, Chamomile and Geisberg comedy about musicians who put it back together.

Summer Cinema on the Lower Square - free entry

Wallachian radiation

"Once you properly. . . "Smoke, it was the Czech Rolling Stones. Unclear circumstances but broke up in 1972 and each of the four former musicians with destiny rocker retired settled on their own. Each of them is now behind his life and his own story. A also their motives for recovery Smoke bands are different - the money, the desire for the lost glory, the desire to help a friend, or once again properly weighed. their worlds meet and they are beginning to enjoy the music, friendship and life on the stage and behind it. both a member band, and all around but expect a lot of fun and often very surprising and comical situations. and finally manage to solve one big mystery - why is the group disbanded