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The fifth year of the Olomouc theater holidays RECORD NUMBER OF OFFERS PRODUCTION

Olomouc, August 18, 2014 - The fifth edition of Olomouc theater holidays is a record, namely the last seven days and offer a total of seven performances. A addition to concert band Svervou led by the soloist of the ballet Olomouc Renáta Mrozková. The National History Museum in Manchester from Monday 25 August to Sunday, August 31 show in addition to local files as well Bratislava theater GUnaGU or Small Stage Zlín. Tickets for the festival performances are on sale at the box office Moravian Theatre Olomouc and at the information center in the arcade hall. Patronage of the festival was the Deputy Mayor of Olomouc Jan Holpuch.

This year's program will be the sign of a good entertainment and music at the premises of the Regional Museum will hear folk band performed Svervou baroque opera La guerra Amorosa. "We wanted to be a theater program from the perspective of diverse and come into their own as well as lovers of music genre," said festival dramaturge Jitka Weiermüllerová.

The festival program will start drama Moravian Theatre Olomouc (MDO) that this time the comedy of the Amazon looking into behind the scenes filming soap operas and preparation of avant-garde drama. Among the traditional guests of the show include music and drama studio at MDO. Child actors and dancers directed by Vaclav Malek remind one of the most famous games Theaters Semaphore Jonah and Tingle Tangl. "With the introduction of this work marks the ninety years since the birth of composer, singer, actor and artist George Šlitr," said Malek.

After the show returns the local Slavic theater of file, this time with a production of the mysterious name * O * EO * and U * IE. "We were looking for a title that would best fit the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the file. We give our viewers treatment of Romeo and Juliet. We borrowed all sorts of inspiration and lyrics. It's still Shakespeare, although student, "said director and artistic director of the Duke Zdeněk file. The competition of amateur Wallachian bushes earned a prize for best production and as a collective actor.

Another traditional guest of the show's Theatre Tramtarie. Olomouc file Ošklivec offers a bittersweet comedy about the loss of human identity in today's consumer society. "Brilliantly written, interesting is not just a modern approach to the construction of a dramatic text, alternating tragic and comic situations in a set, it is mainly its intellectual superstructure, which makes it extremely timely," said production director Jiří Trnka.

A nice highlight of this year's program will be the participation of foreign guests. Last weekend of August is coming to Bratislava Olomouc popular theater GUnaGU, which next year will celebrate thirty years since its inception. The festival will Kabaret The Best of GUnaGU, and as the name suggests, will be a selection of the best sketches, songs and comedy scenes from past productions Slovak file. Another guest is a small set of Zlín scene with a fascinating game of supernatural mysteries and between heaven and earth Mystery Story. The author and director is simultaneously Conrad ash. Invitation adopted the concert soprano Martina Macko, presenting baroque opera La guerra Amorosa (War of love). "In Olomouc is always wonderful audience, so we are looking forward. Especially, if we will

Weather permitting, it will be a late summer evening eternal theme of love certainly resonate with each of us, "said Macko. The show will be performed by Jana Wallingerová, Olomouc theater audience known productions of Carmen and the Devil and Kate.

Patronage of the festival was the Deputy Mayor of Olomouc Jan Holpuch. "I admit that I have a weakness for theater, no holidays and I always enjoyed it as a kid. From this perspective, I Olomouc theater holidays seems like a wonderful combination. I am very excited about this festival, which four years ago I helped co-founded, from year to year and flourishes that became part of the now traditional summer cultural life in our city, "said Holpuch.

All performances will be held in the atrium of the Regional Museum in Olomouc, in the case of bad weather in the adjacent hall Wenceslas III.


Monday, the 25th 8th at 20:00
Moravian Theatre Olomouc / Michal Spišák

Tuesday, the 26th 8th at 20:00
Small Stage Zlín / Conrad Ashes

Wednesday, the 27th 8th at 20:00
Martin Macko (soprano), Conservatory PJ Vejvanovského Kromeriz

Thursday, the 28th 8th at 20:00
EO * O * A * U * IE
Theater of Slavic / Zdeněk Duke

Friday, the 29th 8th at 16:00
JONÁŠ A Tingle Tangle
Musical drama studio at MDO / Vaclav Malek

Friday, the 29th 8th at 20:00
Theatre Tramtarie / Jiří Trnka

Saturday, the 30th 8th at 20:00
CABARET REMIX / The Best of 1985-2014 GUnaGU
GUnaGU Bratislava / Viliam Klimáček

Sunday, the 31st eighth at 20:00
Renáta Mrozková Concert band