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Royal Opera House London - Alice in Wonderland

Direct transfer of the Royal Opera House in London.

Estimated length of performance is 2 hours 55 minutes, including two breaks.

Tuesday, the 16th 12th at 20.15

fee 250 CZK

Music: Joby Talbot
Choreography: Christopher Wheeldon
Conductor: David Briskin

Alice: Lauren Cuthbertson
Jack: Federico Bonelli

Alice in Wonderland is a work of Christopher Wheeldon ballet master. Premiered in 2011 and is characterized with splashes of color, theatrical elements and innovative choreography. Music Jobyho Talbot is on one hand very current, but also refers to classical ballet melodies of the 19th century. Sets and costumes are directed by Bob Crowley, who ranked in Alice puppets, masks, projections and created a wild fantasy world, which is typical of Lewis Carroll.

Full-length ballet by Christopher Wheeldon is based on the fairy tale book by Lewis Carroll. It is a bizarre tale is easily recognizable characters stepujícího Hatter, the White rabbit irascible and always bad-tempered Queen of Hearts.
Wheeldon created with composer Joby Talbot and stage designer Bob Crowley true family ballet in the spirit of so many of Carroll's beloved classic works for children. A regular visitor to appreciate ballet response of other famous works - such as a parody of the "Rose Adagio" from Sleeping Beauty cakes with fruit instead of flowers. With impressive choreography, the story of the rich colors and amazing scenic charms of ballet is brilliant realization of Carroll's crazy world of dreams.