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Richard Muller - Fragile Voices II

Richard Müller and group tour arrives with Fragile Voices II.

Monday, the 10th 11th at 19.00

After last year's very successful tour with Richard Müller returns with a group of Fragile to his listeners brought their best and most successful songs in new arrangements and interpretations, sung only by using the "voice" without a single musical instrument.
The tour will begin at the end of September the Slovak Republic, at the end of October, then moved to the Czech Republic and 10 November you will be able to enjoy this special concert in our country in Olomouc.
Fragile group will perform in the composition Braňo Kostka, Sonia Norisová, Jana Golisová, Helena Krajčiová, Svetlana Rymarenko, Slavo Mowing, Vilo Csontos and Kamil Mikulčík.