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Royal Opera House London - Manon

Direct transfer of the Royal Opera House in London.

Estimated time: 2 hours 35 minutes, including two breaks.

Music: Jules Massenet
Choreography: Kenneth MacMillan
Conductor: Martin Yates

Manon: Marianela Nuñez
Des Grieux: Federico Bonelli

Manon is a ballet on the theme of the French amendment Abbé Prévost. The same substance was twice treated like opera - Puccini and Massena. It Massenet's music is accompanied by Macmillan's ballet of the 70s of the 20th century. After its introduction has become a permanent item in the repertoire of the Royal Ballet. MacMillan when composing used his experience from the ballet Romeo and Juliet.

Manon Lescaut is a beautiful young woman who becomes the victim of morally corrupt 18th-century Paris. Through Ballet revives Kenneth MacMillan Manonin story, brutality and degradation, as portrayed in the famous novella Abbé Prévost, Manonin character, the bumbling love between the poet Des Grieux and the desire for money and admiration. In the cast we find complex characters including the ruthless Monsieur GM, haughty Jailer, Manonina mischievous brother Lescaut and his flirtatious lover, but in the heart of the ballet is choreographed scenes in MacMillan's Manon and Des Grieux, expressing strong emotional intensity and eroticism.