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Giuseppe Verdi
Comic opera in two acts

For her portrayal of the title character Falstaff won the soloist and operettas Moravian Theatre Olomouc George Pribyl Thalia Award 2013!

Opera shows the 200th anniversary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi and the 120th anniversary of the world premiere of the work - 1893 In this year, Falstaff was first introduced in Bohemia. Putting is a harbinger for the 450th anniversary of W. Shakespeare, which is 2014 to compose inspired Verdi's Falstaff, his friend and admirer, composer and librettist Arrigo Boito. He offered Verdi theme itself and then worked libretto. Boito took the basic storyline of Shakespeare's popular comedy The Merry Wives of Windsor and also partly out of Shakespeare's history plays Henry IV. (famous monologue about honor). The main character of the opera is a dissolute knight, Sir John Falstaff fat, which of your comfort inn "U Garter" taking bold philandering for windsorskými burgheress Alice Ford and Meg Page. Alice and Meg help of Mrs. Quickly in Falstaff, however, always mellow. Falstaff may cause as a naive fool who always lets dupe, at the end of the opera, however, reveals his philosophy: but for his bluntness and utter irresponsibility, life would be boring and even went virtue council could not show how virtuous.

In Verdi's Falstaff created his only comic opera, who outlived him. Falstaff is evidence of high compositional mastery and musical-dramatic inventiveness and originality, which Verdi retained even into old age, when he wrote this opera (in 1893, when it had its premiere, Verdi was 80 years old). Verdi alternates subtle, drobnokresebné means drastic incursions full orchestral sound. Besides lyrical scenes appear as gently parodied Verdi's heroic outputs full of triumphant enthusiasm aroused or drama. The most famous ensemble is the final fugue "Tutto nel mondo e Burla ..." (All the world's a farce), which weaves together the voices of ten soloists and choir. Last of the opera in Olomouc was 15 3rd 1981.

Running time: approx. 2 hours 30 min., 1 break

Libretto: Arrigo Boito

Musical arrangement: Miloslav Oswald

Conductor: Miloslav Oswald

Directed by: Andrea Hlinková j. H.

Chorus master: Lubomir Hellová

Designed by: Miriam Struhárová j. H.

Assistant director: Petr Hloužek

Musical preparation: Milada Jedličková, Lucie Kaucká


Sir John Falstaff: Jiri Pribyl / Vladislav Zaprazna / Richard Haan jh
Ford, husband of Alice: Filip Tuma jh / Martin Štolba
Fenton, lover Nannetta: Ondřej Koplík / Petr Martinek
Doctor Cajus, suitor Nannetta: Jakub Rousek / Milan Vlcek
Bardolf, Falstaffův servant: Petr Masek / Michal Vojta jh
Pistola, Falstaffův servant David Szendiuch / Vladimír Třebický
Alice Ford, Ford's wife Elena Gazdíková / Lea Vítková
Nannetta, daughter Alice Ford and Eva Benesova / Olga Jelínková jh
Mistress Quickly: Vaclav Krejci Housková / Barbora Polaskova
Meg Page: Lucie Janderková / Zdenek Molliková
The innkeeper: Petr Hloužek
Servant: Henry Suk
Maid: Maria Nemcova / Catherine Pešková