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Carlo Goldoni
The Servant of Two Masters
Almost flea circus

In Venice, the family Bisognosi brace for the wedding. Mutually beneficial engagement Pantalonovy Clarice daughters and a son, Dr. Silvia Lombardi, but his unexpected arrival thwarts man who promised Pantalone Clarice who came before and bring his action, although should be no doubt dead. Do this in the same inn houses Florindo Aretusi, who killed Turiňana of that, and is on the run. And both have one servant, who has just decided to serve two masters at once just does.
If he succeeds and if it is possible to observe a single word the two men are sure in a game full of confusion and misunderstanding, humorous situational somersaults and "lazzi".

The popular and well-known comedy famous Italian playwright (by the National Theatre in Prague, Miroslav Donutil starring states almost twenty years) is based on traditional themes and comedy dell'arte masks that while reforms within the meaning of truth and timelessness, so you may be surprised as relevant today. The Olomouc stage with The Servant of Two Masters last appeared in 1989; this time in the role of Truffaldino see Romana Vencl.

Running time: approx. 3 hours, 1 break.

Translation: Eva Bezděková

Directed by Nikolai Pavlov Penev

Sets and costumes: Aleš Valasek

Music: Filip Tailor

Dramaturgy: Markéta Machačíková

Stage manager: Ilona Blahova

Help: Ivana Zahradníčková

Movement: Nikolay Penev

Beatrice Rasponi: Tereza Richtrová
Florindo Aretusi: Vojtěch Lipina
Truffaldino, the servant: Roman Vencl
Brighella, innkeeper: George Nebenführ
Pantalone de Bisognosi: Jaroslav Krejci
Clarice, his daughter: Lenka Kočišová
Smeraldina, maid: Vladimir Včelná
Dr. Lombardi: Václav Bahník
Silvio, his son: Ondřej Černý jh / Tomas Krejci