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Franz Lehár
Operetta in three acts

The premiere of the operetta Paganini took place on 30 October 1925 in Johann Strauss Theater in Vienna. Libretto by Paul Knepler and Béla Jenbach. Original text entitled "Hexenmeister" wrote Knepler (apparently without any ambitions), Lehar him to deliver his friend Viktor Wögerer. Writers drew on the life of renowned violinist Niccolo Paganini. Verses libretto edited by Béla Jenbach. This operetta began a new era in musical creation of Franz Lehár. Musically increasingly approaching the opera (the music is dramatic, musical figures are expressed in greater depth). In fact it was mainly influenced by Puccini, Lehar linked with whom friendship and mutual admiration. Lehár begins a work that does not end happily, which is quite unusual for operettas. Love the main characters ultimately remains unfulfilled. I sadly ended Lehár's operetta had great success with the audience. Last operetta in Olomouc was the 24th 10th 1997.

Participating in the orchestra, chorus and ballet Moravian Theatre Olomouc.

Running time: approx. 2 hours 20 min., 2 breaks

Libretto: Paul Knepler, Béla Jenbach

Translation: Rudolf Lamp

Vocal texts: George Aplt

Edit: Jana Andělová - Pletichová

Directed by: John Andělová - Pletichová

Musical arrangement: Tomas Hanak

Conductor: Tomas Hanak

Choreography: Jiří Horák

Chorus master: Lubomir Hellová

Scene: Jaroslav Milfajt

Costumes: Roman Šolc

Assistant director: Petr Hloužek

Musical preparation: Milada Jedličková, Lucie Kaucká

Stage manager: Radek Vojtěch

Help: Eva Šáchová


Anna Marie Elisa: Elena Gazdíková / Lea Vítková
Prince Felice Bacciochi: Vladislav Zaprazna / Jakub Rousek
Nicolo Paganini: Ondřej Koplík / Milan Vlcek
Bartucci, impresario: Ondřej Dolezal / Petr Sima
Marquis Giacomo Pimpinella: Petr Martinek / Martin Štolba
Bella Giretti, prima donna: Lucie Janderková / Barbora Polaskova
Countess La Place: Magda Málková / Zdenek Molliková
Corallina, krčmářka: Magda Málková / Zdenek Molliková
Count Hédouville: David Szendiuch / Vladimír Třebický
Marco: Petr Hloužek
Antonio, pub: Radan Hlubinka
Foletti: Jaroslav Grmela
Beppo: Ivo Melkus
Tofol: George Horowitz
Violin solo: David Friml / Svetlana Marques de Oliveira