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Michał Walczak

From Jungle to Jungle

Partner crisis two recent graduates of the Warsaw Theatre Academy has a somewhat unusual reason. While Aneta wins an audition to shoot endless "soap opera" of the Amazon jungle environment, Mundek not want to betray the ideal of great art and will try to alternate director, who, however, never any production could not for the premiere. A comedy about the clash of two extreme approaches to art - commerce and avant-garde.

Translation: George Vondracek

Director: Michal Spišák

Sets and costumes: Eva Klein

Dramaturgy: Markéta Machačíková


     Mundek: Tomas Krejci
     Aneta: Lenka Kočišová
     Christopher: Roman Vencl
     Frank: Vladimir Včelná
     Jurek: Jaroslav Krejci
     Director: George Nebenführ
     Cool Tiger: Petr Bukva