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burning Bush
- Summer Theatre Brno Brno City Theatre on the court

Screening date: Sunday, the 10th 08th 2014

Time: 21:00

Version: 2013 drama / biography

Admission: 90 CZK

Country: Czech / Poland

Movie Length :: 206 min. / Wording EN, CZ subtitles


The film is based on a three-part drama produced by HBO, which tells about the consequences of Palach's sacrifice and the beginnings of standardization in the post-August Czechoslovakia. Its main character is actually existing attorney Dagmar Burešová (Tatiana Pauhofová) representing Palach's mother Libuši (Jaroslav Pokorny) and brother George (Petr Stach) in a seemingly hopeless lawsuit. This action close to dead student was scandalous accusations from a Member of the New Wilhelm (Martin Huba). He made light of His action at the party meeting in the Czech Lipa false declaration of the so-called cold fire a monstrous conspiracy in which he was confident student allegedly unknowingly manipulated. (Official distributor text)