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Trabantem South America
November 1
18:30 Saturday
Dan Přibáň lecture New Stage

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is ... where to do in South America reached by car? a Trabant ...?

We drove a Trabant on the Silk Road came to us it rough, we passed Trabant Africa and came to us roughest ... so we went to South America and thought that greater carnage It could not be. And it was!

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Dan Přibáň tells the toughest road ever with his yellow Trabant passed!

International team - Czechs, Poles and Slovaks international fleet - two Trabants, maluch, Jawa 250, and the whole of South America in its magnificence-Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

Three cars, one bike, eight people, four months on the road and six countries.

20,406 km the most beautiful and demanding that South America has to offer. From the forest to the mountains, from the mountains to the deserts of deserts into green wilderness of green wilderness on the edge of the icy Antarctic.

And that's not too easy, Poland Slovak Czech international team. Who is more punk? Who most times lost passport? Who still took out engine? What a dirty word in all languages is the same weight? And most importantly, the crucial question! Which auto Eastern bloc is worse? Trabant, or maluch?

All this and much more in a packed tale of nejnašlapanějšího continent of the world. What you see in South America from the top down, you will not see on any other continent ... a Trabant in the middle of the rainforest, the peaks of the Andes, in the waters of the Pacific or at the end of the world will not see elsewhere than here!