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Clown Crumbs
August 12
19:30 Tuesday
Admission is free

Surreal, irreverent acting-clown outputs in 7 languages.
Introduction Clown `s Crumbs is based on the tradition of medieval itinerant comedians, who traveled from town to town, bringing messages from other communities and regions, and also played a revolutionary theater pieces, crumbs, crumbs ...

Funny and irreverent approach to the topic of spirituality and faith is a factor resulting from the text of the Italian writer Dario Fo - Mistero Buffo. This text speaks actor-clowns. Actors interpret the four mysteries: 1st Birth wandering comedian, 2.Vzkříšení Lazarus, 3rd blind and the lame, 4th Boniface VIII. Clowns work mostly with spontaneous emotions - what is happening here and now in this situation, given space in a current life.

With a desire to establish direct contact with the audience, creating comedians universal language of global Babel-land, a place where God mixed languages. Czech, English, French, German, Polish, Norwegian ... - all languages are deploying actors translated "life".

Viewers are not hiding in the dark. Actors - clowns often turns to the onlookers in order to have a dialogue and invite them directly to the stage.

Common directing and starring Lukas Karasek, Marta Kuczynski, Pavol Seriš, Filip Teller,
Christina Trojanová; Lights: Zuzana Režná; Capocomico: Pierre Nadaud