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Echo message
Aug. 9
20:45 Saturday
Admission is free Summer scene ShakespeareOFF

ECHO MESSAGE band was formed in 2012 as a small project with an acoustic guitar and singing Mikiho Kalus, others singing Mirky Navratilova and djembe drum Petra Vavroš. Mirka Navratilova has been in the band does not. At the end of 2012 he joined John Jaglarz percussion and a half years later, at the beginning of June 2013, there was another electric guitar and vocals performed by Cuba Hajdúch. The present appearance of the band came on June 20, 2013 after a concert in Ostrava club Musical Bazaar connecting the bass guitar and female vocals Petry JANČÍKOVÁ.

Echo Message plays its own work derived from the pen of Miki Kalus and Cuba Hajdúch. He has made frequent appearances mainly in the Ostrava club environment, participate in a festival in the Streets (2012, 2013), or the Colours of Ostrava - Busking stage (2013). Winning the contest bands Boomcup 2013 got us on stage festivals Michalfest 2014 Colours of Ostrava 2014, and we received media interest - Ostrava Czech Radio and Czech Television.

Miki Kalus vocals, djembe drum Petr Vavroš, Honza Jaglarz drums, electric guitar and vocals Cuba Hajdúch, bass guitar and female vocals Petra Jančíková