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City in Motion / Motion City in 2014
Aug. 9
10:00 am Saturday
Contemporary dance Whole Cooltour

Last year we succeeded in the first year of Cities in motion to join a group of people from the professional and amateur tenčníků, but also athletes or fitness clients in jedinečním dance project. This year we decided to build on this success the second year, which come with an extended range of workshops. Also added new teachers: Martina Hajdyla Lacová (ME-SA) and Sarka Bočková (La 420people Putyka a), Dan Raček and Petr Sykora.

If you want to create, learn more about your body, to experience something entirely new and restful people know - sign up!

Enjoy a morning Tai chi, yoga, contemporary class, ballet and acrobatics hanging with dance elements. There will be a re-creative workshop with a final performance at the festival ShakespeareOFF. Our goal is to work to consolidate the emerging dance platform in Ostrava and in the future to create a group of active enthusiasts who help us to create new projects and build the dance community in Ostrava. Project City in Motion everyone can participate regardless of previous experience.

Reservations and Passes:

You can book via the booking form here:

Reservation must be picked up within 14 days.

Tickets can be purchased in the cafeteria multi-genre Cooltour center.

Season tickets can be picked up at the same place after receipt of the confirmation e-mail.


Students 10% discount

Students JKGO and other Conservatories 20% discount

In the event that you purchase a ticket for more than one course, you will get a discount of 3% for each course.

Student discounts and discounts for multiple courses are not cumulative.

When buying tickets for individual courses do not provide discounts because we tried to set prices as low as possible and it is not the amount of the price for individual courses further reduced.

Is it possible to buy a ticket for any course.

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