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3 cm

August 8 19:30 Friday

Aug. 15 18:30 Friday

Sarka Bočková and Vojta Fülep Free Entry Summer scene ShakespeareOFF

3 cm residential project Fülep V. and S. Bočková multi-genre in the center of Ostrava Cooltour

Authors theme: P. Sykora, V. Fülep, T. Vůjtek

Dramaturgy: T. Vůjtek

Concept: T. Vůjtek, V. Fülep, S. Bočková

Starring: V. Fülep, S. Bočková

Music, sound: O. Little, J. Hanus

As part of this residential project we wanted to create theater, performance novocirkusové short format, which is about two people from completely different social classes and the (im) possibility of their meeting. Will they ever bridge the gap between them?

The 3 cm want to use the spoken word, suspended acrobatics, balancing objects, ground acrobatics, music from vinyl, sound effects, projection and others.