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DESIGN.LIVE! UNOSTO: Collective laboratory

06/26/2014 - 19/10/2014

Museum of Decorative Arts - a permanent exhibition

A group of young Czech jewelers UNOSTO presents the exhibition Collective laboratory new and innovative approaches to copyright jewelery. The exhibiting artists is not just a soulless piece of jewelry decorative object. Many of them work on their collections perceived almost as a research activity. The inspiration they are natural phenomena, mathematical laws, but also the technical and aesthetic properties of the materials they work with. The result of their experiments and research, however, is not a scientific report, but a three-dimensional object, a piece of jewelry that the experience of the author speak their own language of art.

UNOSTO Association was founded in 2011 as a platform for the promotion of Czech jewelery and talented jewelers. The founding members are UNOSTO Margaret Richter, Klára Sleeping, Catherine Řezáčová, Lucie Houdková, Karla Olšáková, Catherine Matěchová, Alena Hesounová, Martin Verner and Tereza free. The group's goal is to stimulate debate on contemporary jewelery in the domestic and international context, especially through exhibitions, workshops and collaboration with local and foreign designers not only in the field of jewelry.