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Internal circuit in contemporary Czech photography

12th 6-5 10th 2014
Museum of Modern Art | Vaulted Hall

Reprise yet most representative exhibition of current trends Czech photography and visual art using photographic medium in the 2000s. Exhibition prepared by the renowned photographer and photo historian Vladimir Birgus, which premiered in 2013 in Prague City Gallery presents a wide range of works featuring motifs of the "inner circle "- the author's self, family, closest people and things. Whereas in the Western European, American or Japanese photography many authors have long been in his works reveal the most intimate moments of his life and the lives of their families and friends in the Czech photo with a few small exceptions such autoroflexivní open shots or photographic diaries too recently appeared.
The exhibition presents how after 2000 became the subject and the Czech photographic work expanded and updated. The selected works from a wide range of traditional document and portrait subjectively conceived through significantly to the formation of the fusion of various styles and media wants to show the major changes that have occurred in the photo the advent of digital technology and its escape from a narrow sectoral ghetto. The exhibition is represented by more than forty authors from different generations from established artists Ivan Pinkava, George David, Paul Mara, Dita Pepe, Paul Veronika banks or bromine to current students and recent graduates from various schools of art. The exhibition, compiled by Vladimir Birgus based catalog with Czech and English texts published by Kant.

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