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Sněmovní náměstí 1/2, 767 01 Kroměříž
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Marian tapestries from the collection of the Archdiocese of Olomouc

6th 6th-28th 9th 2014
Archbishop chateau and gardens in Kroměříž
Archdiocesan Museum Kroměříž | Castle Picture Gallery | Gallery

The exhibition, organized on the occasion of the end of several years of restoration of a set of two significant collections of tapestries from the Archbishopric of Olomouc is another in a series of exhibition projects Olomouc Museum of Art, whose aim is to document, as well as interpret exceptional artwork, which underwent a challenging restoration intervention.
The central theme of the main artifacts exhibition are scenes from the life of the Holy Family - Escape to Egypt Rest on the Flight into Egypt. Tapestries are probably the lost fragment of a larger cycle of life of the Virgin Mary, created the order of the Bishop of Olomouc in the last quarter of the 17th century. The New Testament themes are unlike themes of the Old Testament in the creation of tapestries little unusual, as the importance of Olomouc tapestries in the context of spiritual formation is underlined.
The exhibition also related to another important event - the conclusion of a demanding reconstruction process of the Flower Garden in Kroměříž, UNESCO.
The two seemingly different opportunities have a significant connection point in the composition and the iconographic program of Olomouc tapestries. Verdure, ie scenes with natural themes were important branch making tapestries, which was closely linked with the broader interest of garden culture. Both Olomouc tapestries found in the background of the main scenes from the life of the Holy Family insights into the Renaissance and Baroque gardens, an element that seems right based on the requirement of the client works, Olomouc Bishop Charles II. from Lichtenstein-Castelkorn, initiator and builder hospitalized in the castle gardens.
The exhibition is just so touching upon topics of garden art and selected exhibits will also introduce the subject, which are an important part of the life style of the Baroque man.

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Sněmovní náměstí 1/2, 767 01 Kroměříž