Archive: Vladimír Birgus: Fotografie 1972–2014


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Vladimír Birgus: Photographs 1972-2014
15th 5-14 9th 2014

Museum of Modern Art | Salon, Cabinet

Vladimír Birgus (* 1954) has been for years the important personalities of Czech and European photography. This field holds several demanding roles. From the photographer and publicist to photo historian and educator. His name is also linked to a number of exhibition events, especially comprehensive showcase of Czech Photography of the 20th century, and summarizing revelatory exhibition called for a photographic exhibition of the century. Not only because this show is BIRGUS managed to push through a number of Czech photographers abroad.
Birgus but is also itself active photographer. In the category of documentary genre achieved international renown, has had several hundred domestic and foreign performances. Since the late seventies systematically expanding series of photographs Something unspeakable in which organically combines elements of sociological document is a subjective view. His photographs are also extending the range of visual symbols and characters whose psychological and emotional stresses the importance of symbolic use of color photography. The exhibition is organized by the jubilee of the author.

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