Archive: Svatopluk Slovenčík: Neony, Eternity, Téráky & Kresby (Díl I)


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Svatopluk Slovenčík: neon, Eternity, Teraki & Drawings
(Part I)
7th 5th to 28th 8th 2014
Museum of Modern Art | Café 87

Open daily except Monday from 10.00 to 18.00 hours
(Last admission 17.30 hours)
Every Sunday and every first Wednesday of the month free admission

The eightieth anniversary of the birth of the distinguished painter Zlín Svatopluka Slovenčík (1934-1999) this year, having noted the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín, which prepared the artist's large-scale exhibition in the main exhibition gallery space in buildings 14 | 15 Bata Institute. (14th 1 to 9 2nd, Svatopluk Slovenčík / Retrospective) The exhibition then continued in a modified form in the Topic Club in Prague (25th 2 to 17 3rd) and subsequently in the chamber range comes in Olomouc. Common catalog accompanies the exhibition with professional text art historian Louis Ševečka, a leading expert of the artist's work. Do Olomouc Slovenčík back almost 17 years, which in 1997 introduced in Olomouc Museum of Art his works on paper at the now almost legendary exhibition between tradition and experiment. Works on paper and with paper in Czech Art 1939-1989. In the late 70s and 80s Slovenčík focused his attention on large sets of experimentally conceived combination of drawings, collages, gouaches and material assemblages, which are in addition to its traditional themes inspired by parts of buildings, scaffolding or rhythm of the streets. The exhibition will first be presented to the final years of the artist's work, which represent the monochromes and eternity together with paint térovými discussed, papers and image composition with neon tubes. The second part of the exhibition (September 2014) will be devoted to sevřenému selection of the author's drawing creation.

Dvojvýstavu May 7 launch Leoš Lang. Beginning at 18.30 hours.