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Benda Quartet and clarinetists - Rejcha, Weber, Glazunov, Ostrava

29th Sunday 6th 2014, 17:00

Ostrava-Center - St. Vaclav

Benda Quartet

Gabor Varga - clarinet (Hungary)

Arkadiusz Adamski - clarinet (Poland)

Karel Dohnal - clarinet (Praha)

Igor Františák - clarinet (Ostrava)

Philippe Portejoie - saxophone (France)


A. Rejcha, CM von Weber, A. Glazunov, B. Kovács

Entrance fee: 150, - / 100, - (students, pensioners, disabled) / children under 15 years free

Czech, German, Russian and Hungarian music of Ostrava Benda Quartet and international lecturers clarinet courses in Ostrava will be heard in the beautiful premises of the oldest churches in the capital of the Region. I play great French saxophonist Philippe Portejoie, who recently presented at the Prague Rudolfinum, together with PKF - Prague Philharmonia.

Benda Quartet is a young and dynamic set consisting solely of members of the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava. It was created in 2012 at the instigation of the violinist Petr Benda and Petra Grabovského. I as members of a large symphony orchestra like to run a quality chamber music and continue to remain in the implementation of projects chamber, which is widely dedicated since the time of study not only in Czech Republic but also abroad at prestigious schools and master classes, not least during the many years of Benda action in PKF - Prague Philharmonia. Both violinists have a rich experience in solo and chamber music activities, for a whole series of joint concerts and engagement within the larger chamber ensembles such as Jack Martin Händler Academy in Luxembourg. One of the projects the Saint Wenceslas Music Festival in Ostrava gave them in 2012, the opportunity to collaborate with other leading musicians of the Janacek Philharmonic, among them cellist Tomas Svozil and violist Marek Šumník. Based on this meeting and also a very intense musical experience in a specially crafted festival chamber ensemble is then no longer present Benda Quartet decided with similar intensity and enthusiasm continue to consistently pursue kvartetnímu rich repertoire. Although Benda Quartet still relatively young body, has already had a wide range of achievements. Noteworthy recent example is the concert from 7 April 2014, which was part of the Chamber Concert Series The 60th season of the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava and got a great response in the audience. This concert was recorded, among others, the Czech Radio.

Organizer cycle of concerts: St. Wenceslas Music Festival, os

Information concerning the concerts and tickets:
Office of the Saint Wenceslas Music Festival
Šmeralova 6, 702 00 Ostrava - Moravian Ostrava
tel: 773 513 941