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Kratochvílová, Kvapil, Čižmář, Pimek - Telemann, United Polom

Saturday 28th 6th 2014, 18:00

Great Polo - St. Vaclav

Marta Kratochvílová - baroque flute
Jan Kvapil - Recorders
Jan Čižmář - lute
Dalibor Pimek - baroque violoncello


G. Ph. Telemann - Partita, Fantasy, Sonata

Introduzzione à tre C major (Der getreue Musikmeister, 1728-9)
7 Fantasia in D major (c. 1728)
3 Sonata in e minor (Sonate metodiche, 1728)
Sonata a tre in G minor (Darmstadt, Mus. Ms. 1042-1063)
Suite from the collection of Der getreue Musikmeister
Prelude from Suite in A minor (Sylvius Leopold Weiss, 1687-1750)
Trio in A minor (Essercizii MUSIC 1739)

Entrance fee: 150, - / 100, - (students, pensioners, disabled) / children under 15 years free

"Lully was famous, Corelli gave glorify, only Telemann is above all the glory elevated." This quote from a music dictionary distinguished composer Johann Mattheson or sign incomparable master, which honored him Ch.FD Schubart, show what esteem he enjoyed Georg Phillip Telemann (1681-1767) among his peers and music theorists of the 18th century. And rightly so! None of the Baroque composers did not leave future generations so broad and diverse reference tracks of the highest quality. Telemann composed almost all the then existing forms and genres - preserved his operas, cantatas, oratorios, Passion, concertos, overtures, sonatas, suites - and thus we could continue for a long time. Telemann actively dominated the harpsichord,
violin, flute, oboe, shawm, gamba ad., so that he could fully exploit the advantages of
individual instruments.
The concert program presents a selection of the author's extensive instrumental work.
It sounds as Partita from the author's middle period, representing a collection of Die kleine Kammermusik (1715) and solo and trio sonatas of his top
collections Der getreue Musikmeister (1728) and Essercizii Music (1739), which feature the popular folk music of reflecting the taverns of Lower Silesia, where Telemann spent a short but very inspiring in her life. A varied program complements Fantasy for flute solo and a number of smaller compositions variable occupancy.

Organizer cycle of concerts: St. Wenceslas Music Festival, os

Information concerning the concerts and tickets:
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