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Musica Minore - Vivaldi, Piazzola, Ostrava-Center

Thursday 26th 6th 2014, 19:00

Ostrava-Center - St. Vaclav

Chamber orchestra Musica Minore

Ivana Mikesková Kovalčíková - violin, Ivana Frajtová - violin, Petr Locksmith jh - accordion, Stanislav Nightingale jh - piano, Adam Malik jh - electric guitar, Michal Pokorny - bass


A. Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

A. Piazzolla - Four Seasons in Buenos Aires

Entrance fee: 180, - / 120, - (students, pensioners, disabled) / children under 15 years free

The chamber ensemble Musica Minore was founded in 2007 by young top performers and is a body that interprets chamber music from the Baroque to the present, including our own creation. The impulse was a common interest in "making music in the small." Music with the usual term "serious" would not, however, in its submission called rather like music very lively and full of energy. Musica Minore is not limited to a single chamber orchestra, but its specificity is changing various chamber ensembles in one concert program. This allows you to build creative repertoire, which is inspiring for the players and for varied audiences. The ambition of the file is in addition to presenting their own projects, cooperation with various vocal ensembles, inspiring projects with other musical genres (film music concert, musical and educational program The Beatles - The story of a legend, "The music of the film world," etc.) and especially cooperation with various soloists (the leading Czech artists are, eg, V. Hudeček, B. Matoušek, J. Stivín, husbands Alvarez, the soloists of the younger generation such as J. Mráček, L. Klánský, A. Vlčková etc.). The ensemble regularly performs at international festivals and venues, the most significant are as follows: Music in the chateau and gardens in Kroměříž, International Music Festival V. Hudeček and guests in Mor. Budějovice, Christmas music Luhačovice cycle Brno Philharmonic Jeunesses musicales, a series of benefit concerts hearts, the regular cooperation at the Academy V. Hudečka, Nitrianská Musical jar, jar of Music Trnava, presentation at the European Parliament in Brussels, a tour of Mexico.

Organizer cycle of concerts: St. Wenceslas Music Festival, os

Information concerning the concerts and tickets:

Office of the Saint Wenceslas Music Festival
Šmeralova 6, 702 00 Ostrava - Moravian Ostrava
tel: 773 513 941