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Centenarian old man who climbed through the window and disappeared

Adventure / Comedy / Drama. Sweden , 2013. In original version with subtitles , 114 min .
Dynamite and hard liquor good for longevity - or at least just a century Allan Karlsson, who acts for them a lifelong passion . Celebrations but only in slippers climbs through the window of a retirement home and can take flight . The way it meets stolen suitcase full of money , some delightful bizarre friends and Sonya elephant while on his neck and breathes police gang whom suitcase with the money belonged . Messed road movie blends the story of his long life, which is a satirical history of the entire modern world , in which he played a crucial role hidden expert on anything detonating Allan . An adaptation of the popular bestseller of the same name Jonas Jonasson .

Director: Felix Herngren
Draft : Jonas Jonasson (book )
Screenplay: Felix Herngren , Hans Ingemansson
Photography: Göran Hallberg
Starring: Robert Gustafsson, David Wiberg , Mia Skäringer , Alan Ford