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Brno rumors
About Brno serious and nonserious ... and the devil !
Jakub Safranek

Small Theatre Mahen Theatre - Malinovského us . 1
Admission: 60-100 CZK
Author : Jakub Safranek
Treatment : Roman Groszmann
Directed by : Roman Groszmann
editor : Ilona Smejkalová
Scene : Michal Hejmovský
Costumes : Michal Hejmovský
Music : Karel Herman
Movement: Hana Halberstadt

Cast June 20, 2014 10:00

Andulka Marie Durnová , Monika Maláčová
Vincek Pavel Doucek , Michal Bumbálek
The chronicler Martin Vesely, Jakub Safranek
Birk Jan Grygar, Ondřej Mikulasek

About Brno serious and nonserious ... and the devil !

Do you know why our city called Brno ? Lisen that residents had threatened terrible dragon ? A one handy carpenter long ago managed in one day produce round and transport them from South refrigerator to Brno ? In rainy afternoon in a friendly inn Brno meet three wayfarers who have to pass the your waiting for better weather talk about the mysteries of Brno and its history. And since one of the narrators is also a retired devil , you can be sure that the fun , thrills and surprises will be taken care of !
Czech Prime Minister copyright James Šafránka project directed by Roman Groszmann .
The performance is suitable for children from 8 years old .
Length of production : 60-70 minutes
Premiere: June 14 at 14:00 pm in the Theatre Reduta