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The Bartered bride

Classical opera is a real tightrope !
Bedrich Smetana (1824-1884)

Janáček Theatre - Roosevelt 1-7
Admission: 60-100 CZK
libretto by Karel Sabina
Author : Bedrich Smetana
musical direction : Petr Vronsky
conductor: Jakub Klecker , Jaroslav Kyzlink
Director: Ondřej Havelka
Scene : Alexandra Grusková
Costumes : Alexandra Grusková
chorus master: Josef Pančík
Choreographer : Jana Hanušová
editor : Patricia Částková
Assistant Conductor: Pavel Snajdr
assistant director: Barbora Hamalová
assistant chorus master: Pavel Koňárek
Assistant Choreography: Petr Pribyl

Cast June 17, 2014 10:00
Krušina , farmer George Klecker
Ludmila , Krušina woman Daniela Straková - Šedrlová
Gretel , the daughter of Paul Krušina Vykopalová
Micah , landowner Ladislav Mlejnek
Hata, wife of Micah Jana Iskrov
Vasek, the son Mícha Zoltán Korda
Jenik , Mícha son from his first marriage Aleš Briscein
Kecal , the village matchmaker George Sulženko
Principal Martin Zbrožek
Esmeralda Tereza Merklová Kyzlinková
Indian Igor Loškár
Aerialist / Provazochodkyně Ladislav Kaiser
Performance Conductor : Jakub Klecker
Chorus and Orchestra of Janacek 's opera NDB
Premiere March 24, 2006 in Janáček Theatre

After the successful premiere of his opera firstfruits Braniboři in Bohemia Bedrich Smetana decided to compose operas truly national . Together with writer Karel Sabina selected rural theme based on Sabin's comic novel Eternal Bridegroom . The story introduces us to a Czech village where they live Jenik and Gretel , two young people who love them. Gretel , however, is to marry a rich farmer 's son Micah , in which her father debt. The production director Ondřej Havelka Since its premiere by a viewer favorite titles of our repertoire . Alone Havelka says about her : " The principle of staging is by no means extravagant , because I admit that I am not a particular fan of violent shifts updates and classical works to the present. But certainly not the usual , let's call him holubičkové ' cliche , which often resort stagers , fearing that defiled the sanctity of the most important traditional Czech national opera. My intention is to create a performance that will be lively , colorful and most entertaining musical theater , after all, after all, is a comic opera. "