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Miser Harpagon nobody likes . But that Molière's all love .
MOLIÈRE (1622-1673)

Mahen Theatre - Malinovského us . 1
Monday, June 16, 2014 7:00 p.m. to 9:25 p.m.

Admission: 100-340 CZK
Author : Molière
Translation: Vladimir Mikes
Dramaturgy: Martin Kubran
Director: Victoria Čermáková
Scene : Jan Stepanek
Costumes : Andrea Králová
Music : Petr Kofroň

Cast June 16, 2014 19:00
Harpagon Zdeněk Dvořák
Valero, Harpagonův Secretary Martin Straw
Elizabeth , daughter Eva Novotna Harpagonova
Kleant , Harpagonův son Jakub Safranek
Mariana , Kleantova dear Lucie Schneiderová
Anselm , the father Valera Mariana Islands Vladimír Short
Frosina , matchmaker Monika Maláčová
Master James, cook and coachman Frederick Issue
Pike , Kleantův servant Wroclaw Běčák
Master Simon Henry 's room
Virgin Klaudie , Henry maid 's room
Police Commissioner Henry 's room
Harpagon Scrooge would sacrifice money for everything, even her own daughter's happiness . This is perhaps the most famous French comedy with great acting opportunities. Harpagon restricts their children and intrigues with their lives when forces into advantageous marriages . The son chose a rich widow , even though she loves beautiful, young Marian , to which you but i think Harpagon himself . To the contrary, the daughter of a wealthy old man found . The madness it brings loss of gold ducats , which he takes servant , so that helped Kleantovi his son.
Harpagon frantically searches and suspects everyone around you. After revealing the deceit in exchange for the money pays Mariana Islands . Finally , consents to the marriage of their children with partners that they have chosen themselves , but only after he learns of their wealthy family background. Especially convinces him the fact that he will not marry any state.