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The Sicilian Vespers

In the dark shadows of flowers Revenge ...
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

Janáček Theatre - Roosevelt 1-7 

Author : Giuseppe Verdi
Music arrangement: Jaroslav Kyzlink
conductor: Jaroslav Kyzlink , Ondrej Olos
directed by Laco Adamik
Scene : Jozef Ciller
Costumes : Peter Čanecký
choreographer : Hana Litterová
chorus master: Josef Pančík
editor : Patricia Částková
Assistant conductor : Ema Mikesková
Assistant Director: Otakar Blaha

Cast June 14, 2014 19:00

Guido di Montfort Jakub Kettner
Sire de Bethune Jan Juice
Count Vaudemont George Klecker
Arrigo , a young Sicilian Rafael Álvarez
Giovanni da Procida George Sulženko
Duchess Elena Adriana Kohútková
Ninetta , her maid Jana Wallingerová
Daniel Tomas Korinek
Tebaldo Zoltán Korda
Roberto Igor Loškár
Manfredo Ivo Musil
Performance Conductor : Jaroslav Kyzlink

Sicilian Vespers , the Verdi quite annoyed - the contract was for the acclaimed master of a challenge , but also in meeting the torment in his opinion, antiquated scheme a French opera love story with a complicated father- filial relationship set into the historical events of the rebellion in 1282 , when liberated Sicily from French domination . Also the cooperation with the famous , but not employed by the librettist Scribe not go to Verdi's imagination . Allocated theme was more " politically " difficult. Find adequately French-Italian diplomatic balance in a story that ends slaughtering unarmed French occupiers Sicilians , though so done in the fight for national ideals was for the Patriots Verdi's difficult to type . When composing works are held traditions of the great French opera ; music is full of so much to him typical of dramatic tension and evocative ... On the stage of the National Theatre Brno Sicilian Vespers are presented for the first time . The production will be part of the Polish drama , film and opera director Ladislav Adamík .