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Young burn or Upstream
Mahen Theatre - Malinovského us . 1

Tickets : 130-430 CZK
listing performances

libretto : Mark Lance , Adam Sojka, Martin Svobodník
Choreographer : Mark Lance , Adam Sojka, Martin Svobodník
Directed by : Mark Lance , Adam Sojka, Martin Svobodník
Scene : Karel Simek, Jitka Gazdošová
Costumes : Paul Knolle , Michael Savovová
Lighting design: Karel Simek, Michael Kořínek
Music collaboration: Petr Duchalík
Cast 28/05/2014 19:00

Solos Ludek Mrkos , Adam Sojka, Jan Fousek, Lance Martin , Ilaria Ghironi , Markéta Habalová
The libretto , choreography and direction: Marek Svobodník
Music: musical collage
Set and light design: Karel Simek
Costumes: Paul Knolle
Choreography: Adam Jay and Lance Martin
Music: musical collage
Scene: Jitka Gazdošová
Costumes: Michael Savovová
Light design: Michael Kořínek
Music from the record
CATCH27 was created as a tribute to famous musicians , humankind would never forget. Each of them , whether it was Jim Morrison , Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix have in common is their life, which is more like a roller coaster ride with a bottle of whiskey in hand , they managed to change the world and its artistic legacy became immortal. They themselves , however, for this unprecedented success paid a high price, often died in mysterious circumstances at the age of 27 years. Marek Svobodník followed up on his earlier work Čertstory , or the Story of Rock and Roll , which served as the basis for a new revised version of the libretto , direction and choreography and gave rise to a new part - Catch 27 that now we premiere .

Young directors Adam Jay and Lance Martin is choreographed Palindrom trying to answer the question whether the individual in society can enforce , implement when going against the mainstream. The basic idea , however, raises a number of sub-questions : A should be on that point? And when you do, so he does not disturb the structure of the mainstream ( mainstream ) that puts just the basics to build " something" what will later say again, mainstream, and that it eventually engulf ? How society treats those who are going in the other direction are different, and while successful? And what is the price to be different ? And who is different and different, and who in today's world average - normal ? Freeing or write off , when we become generally recognized or popular personalities ? Every effort often ends as well as it began ? This last idea , after all, gave name to the whole choreography - Palindrome ( from the Greek . Palindromos , running backwards) , where shifting all look the same and with the same meaning viewed from any angle of view ...