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Turandot (version F. Alfano )

Guess , or lose your head.
Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)

Janáček Theatre - Roosevelt 1-7


Libretto: Giuseppe Adami , Renato Simoni
Author : Giacomo Puccini
Music arrangement: Jakub Klecker
conductor: Jakub Klecker , Ondrej Olos
Director: Jiří Nekvasil
Scene : Daniel Dvořák
Costumes : Simona Rybáková
chorus master: Josef Pančík
Movement: Štefan Capko
editor : Patricia Částková
Assistant conductor : Ondrej Olos
assistant director: Barbora Hamalová

Premiere on 29 4th, 2011 in Janáček Theatre
Beautiful Princess Turandot does not want to get married. For her suitors prepare a cruel test. Whoever solves three riddles gets a hand princesses who do not, will head shorter. Succumbs to the charms of Turandot and Prince Calaf , who solves puzzles . Humiliated Turandot refuses to become his wife , and so Calaf also suggests the possibility Princess guess ... History story about a bloodthirsty princess goes back to the 12th century , when it appeared in the works of the Persian poet Nzámího . In Europe came through a collection of tales of the Thousand and one day , where he discovered the Italian dramatist Carlo Gozzi . I Puccini's story with a great deal of exoticism , love and poetry captivated. As in the case of Madama Butterfly , trying to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the culture and songs of distant and exotic China. During composition, however, succumbed to cancer of the larynx and orchestration of the opera completed by his friend and pupil Franco Alfano . The renowned artistic director Jiří Nekvasil pair and artist Daniel Dvořák , along with costume designer Simona Rybáková created an impressive production in the best intentions of contemporary theater.